Rwanda Gatare

Origin — Rwanda

Region — Nyamasheke, Western Province

Processing station — Gatare

Altitude — 1800 m.a.s.l.

Variety — Red bourbon

Processing — Natural

Crop — 2020-2021

Trader/importer — Falcon coffees / Coffeemaxgreen

315 uah

250 g


Gatare – one of the biggest washing stations in Rwanda built in 2003. Hundreds of smallholder farmers – members of cooperative – grow red bourbon cherries on the slopes around the station. There are relatively low average daily temperatures in the region so the cherries ripen slowly. It allows to create more acids and sugars inside of cherries during the ripening. And fermentation and drying occurs evenly and controllable.

We have a lot of inspiring memories with this coffee. We always choose coffees for our assortment with blind degustation. And this is not the first lot from Gatare in our line. And this is not a coincidence 🙂

We can tell a lot of things about Gatare`s high places in national competitions Cup of Excellence and about our impressions about it. But the elephant on the bag of Rwandan coffee tells us that we can be more laconic :)) In your cup you`ll get the cocktail with ripe red and blue berries, red flowers, tropical fruits and good dark chocolate with smooth and dense body.


Delivery and payment

Delivery is made only on the territory of Ukraine. Delivery via courier of our company in Kharkiv is made on tuesdays and fridays. Dispatch across Ukraine is made on the day of the order when ordering before 13:00.

Delivery options

  • Free courier delivery via courier of our company in Kharkiv if order is more than 3 kg;
  • Courier delivery via "Nova Poshta" logistic company;
  • Via “Nova Poshta” logistics company to the post office;
  • Pickup from the coffee shop.

free delivery to the post office if the order is more than 3 kg; free courier delivery via "Nova Poshta" logistic company if the order is more than 15 kg.

Payment options

  • Liqpay / Privat24;
  • Prepayment to the card or payment account;
  • Cash on delivery on Nova Poshta;
  • Courier when ordering delivery in Kharkiv.