Colombia Bella Vista

Origin — Colombia

Farm — Bella Vista

Process — Washed

Region — Timana, Huila

Producer — Deiro Gasca Trivino

Variety — colombia, caturra

Crop — 2020/2021

Altitude — 1730 m.a.s.l.

Trader/importer — The Coffee Quest / Coffeemaxgreen

270 uah

250 g


Deiro Gasca Triviño lives and works at the picturesque Colombian farm Bella Vista, based in Timana, Huila. As the name itself suggests (“Bella Vista” means “great view”), Finca Bella Vista is the place where you would enjoy a breathtaking panorama (see picture below) and have an insight into a traditional coffee farm life.

What differentiates this farm is its birth. This finca was none of a legacy of any ancestors od Deiro but was “nacido y criado”, meaning bought and created from the scratch, by Deiro himself. He indeed first bought 2 hectares from his neighbour and then he bought another 7 hectares for his father and 9 hectares more to start planting coffee which led him to be fully committed to this land.

Farmer is making sure that none of his coffee plants are directly exposed to the sunlight, so his plants can benefit from the shades of other trees such as guamo and cachinga (native trees especially in South and Central America). The process Deiro chose to apply for his coffee is washed, followed by dry fermentation.

Deiro also focuses on preserving the environment and the beauty of Bella Vista. To prevent the contamination of water, he uses filters for the residual water of the washing process. To manage broca disease he employs cultural control methods. As for roya, instead, he sprays his plants with fungicides only 2 times per year.

Moreover, soil fertilizers are compost-made since the coffee cherries are left in the soil to decompose and used later as organic. All the work in the field is done manually and for the planting and the harvest, they use only sickles.

We are proud of such a long, hard work and such a long and complicated chains of producing of this beautiful product. We adore structure, system, responsibility and sustainability – in work, in coffee, in life.

In the cup you`ll find notes of berry-like and fruity notes, round and juicy body. Strawberry jam, red apple, white wine.

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