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About us!

We are tiny little family of coffee lovers doing great things. Every day we work — degustate, analyze, make choices, roast and package coffees. We compile our whole experience and knowledges to make our product, so you could say it without a doubt that we are such a professionals and virtouses of coffee roasting:)

We are excited that we can offer you a product that drives us crazy, so we hope it would drive you too!

All products

  • Rwanda Gatare

    Origin: Rwanda

    Region: Nyamasheke, Western Province

    Processing station: Gatare

    315 uah

    250 g

  • papua-new-guinea-grass-roots-specialty-coffee-filter-paul-pora-light-roast-anaerobic-natural-fermentation-typica-bourbon-arusha-crop-kuli-gap-volcafe-select-coffeemaxgreen

    Papua-New Guinea Grass Roots

    Origin: Papua-New Guinea

    Processing station: Grass Roots

    Process: Natural, anaerobic

    280 uah

    250 g

  • kenya-kirinyaga-filter-coffee-washed-sl28-sl34-ruiru11-batian-kabare-FCS-konyu-coffeemaxgreen

    Kenya Kabare Konyu lot#2

    Origin: Kenya

    Processing station: Konyu

    Process: Washed

    350 uah

    250 g

  • ethiopia-gora-kone-nensebo-sidamo-grade1-filter-specialty-coffee

    Ethiopia Gora Kone

    Origin: Ethiopia

    Processing station: Gora Kone

    Process: Washed

    310 uah

    250 g

  • colombia-coffee-huila-timana-washed-filter-deiro-gasca-trivino-juicy-coffee

    Colombia Bella Vista

    Origin: Colombia

    Farm: Bella Vista

    Process: Washed

    270 uah

    250 g

Our team

Delivery and payment

Delivery is made only on the territory of Ukraine. Delivery via courier of our company in Kharkiv is made on tuesdays and fridays. Dispatch across Ukraine is made on the day of the order when ordering before 13:00.

Delivery options

  • Free courier delivery via courier of our company in Kharkiv if order is more than 3 kg;
  • Courier delivery via "Nova Poshta" logistic company;
  • Via “Nova Poshta” logistics company to the post office;
  • Pickup from the coffee shop.

free delivery to the post office if the order is more than 3 kg; free courier delivery via "Nova Poshta" logistic company if the order is more than 15 kg.

Payment options

  • Liqpay / Privat24;
  • Prepayment to the card or payment account;
  • Cash on delivery on Nova Poshta;
  • Courier when ordering delivery in Kharkiv.

Our partners


Every single time when delicious cup of coffee becomes a result of our work, we are happy as children :)

It`s because we know that coffee is such an interesting and deep type of product. It is a synergy of farmer`s, degustator`s, roaster`s and barista`s work.

So we aim to find such a sweet, juicy coffees, that`ve been made by natural conditions - soil, flora, fauna, variety - in cooperation with farmers. And then roast it light enough to emphasize all the juicyness, brightness and energy of flavour.

We in our team appreciate balanced coffee. This is when the beverage is neither bitter, nor sour and As Sweet As Possible. This is the thing that makes us crazy - Balance! :)

Friends, we always wait you to be our guests for a pleasant conversations about coffee or for some interesting degustations. See you!

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